Thursday, May 5, 2011


Please HELP ME think of a title for this layout...

This layout was created using My Mind's Eye "Stella & Rose" Mabel
theme set and brads, along with some flowers from my stash.
Stamps are Ippity.
The one flower was stamped with My Mind's Eye doily stamp
 (I've been having fun customizing flowers like this.)
"The Story" is that my daughter and I like to hop online and share creative things that we find on the net.
These photos were taken in March, around my birthday.
I am stumped for a title for this layout...
any suggestions???
Leave a comment by Saturday, National Scrapbook Day.
If I use your title, I will send you a little papercrafting goodness to say thanks!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Bonding via Technology
Sharing Discovered Treasures

Watch the Magic...the arrow can turn into a hand! (Sorry inside story between Lynn and myself!)

Shelley said...

Like Mother, Like Daughter
Creativity Shared
Creative "Hop"enings (corny, I know)
Great Minds Share

That's all I got for now. Good luck!

Susan Bennett said...

Just some thoughts:

"we're not nerds, it's just LIFE IN '11"

or just "LIFE IN '11", or BF enjoying LIFE in '11"

as you can see I am stuck on the LIFE IN '11