Friday, July 13, 2012

Mural Update

Remember this post from last week as I showed the site where our community is
painting a mural in town?
Well, here is an update on our progress.
Adding blocks of color over the primed area.
It was over 100 degrees this day so we had to cut our painting time short.
Any guesses what it will be?
The next workday we added images that represent our county.
Pulaski County Courthouse

Opera House
Zach Medler, our artist, cut these stencils.
My daughter, JoAnna, cut the smaller pattern stencils to represent fabric.
aha!  It is starting to take shape.
We had so many volunteers, from 2nd graders to college students and in between, plus adults, that came out to help paint.
I'll share more pics as we progress.
I think we will meet our completion goal date of July 20th!!!
Thanks for letting me share!


Kim said...

Coming along nicely! What a fantastic project!

Audrey Pettit said...

OMGosh, how beautiful, Lynn! I was guessing a map, and I guess I was sort of close. This is just the most creative and meaningful mural. Can't wait to see the entire finished piece!

lynn said...

this is just awesome!