Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Team Swap Cards

Today I am sharing some of the cards that I got in our 
Rose Blossom team swap.
You will see that there is alot of talent on this team!

Mary's Card

Kim's Card

Kim's Card

Amy's Card

Such a great variety.  Out of 9 of us there, 3 gals are named Kim.
That made for some fun conversations and brainstorming about nicknames.
Here is another team photo from our dressy banquet night out.

It was fun to get all dressed up!
Close To My Heart spoiled us with a fabulous dinner.
And our leader, Miss Brenda in the sparkly green dress,
won an award for leading the team with #1 sales for a team with 1-25 members!
Yay! for the Rose Blossoms!  
I feel very honored to be part of this fun group.  


Fuzzy Slippers said...

Such amazing cards! What a talented team y'all are!

Audrey Pettit said...

I love that happy photo of you all! What fun! And adorable cards, too. :)

Sweet.Caroline said...

Congratulations! You all look great.

Princess Judy Palmer said...

More fun cards! Funny how either a name or a birthday repeats in a smallish group of people. I'm in a group of 13 and we have 2 Judy's and 2 Sandy's and 3 people with a May 9 birthday.

Mary Newman said...

It was so fun to swap and also to get to know some Rose Blossoms who we only knew through the FB page. Lynn...your swap card is over the top! You have such natural talent.