Saturday, November 14, 2015

Scrappy Saturday

I have lots to share with you on this
"Scrappy Saturday"!
Here is one of the layouts from the 
Simply Fundamental Scrapbooking Workshop.
You can read more about the workshop and the amazing promotion HERE.
I am really thankful for this workshop
because truth be told I probably never would have gotten around to scrapping photos of my art room.
Yet, it is a big part of my story.
This has been my "happy place" for over 24 years.
I found out about a week and half ago that I need to pack up everything
(yes, over 50 cabinets worth of art supplies)
for the move to a temporary classroom while they start renovations.
Last I knew, my room was in the summer phase but it got bumped up to begin next week.
You can imagine where I have been spending most of my time and energy the last week.
On the left page, I made a flip-style book to hold more photos.
I used our 4 x 6 Flip-Flaps (one of the best scrappy products EVER!).
Here's a closer to look into my amazing art room.
Room with a view...I will be losing the view and the skylight above.
Insert tears...

Best sink guessed it, losing that too.
There will be a solid wall installed, right about where the yellow arrow sticker is,
to divide this room in two to make room for a lab classroom.
Oh how I will miss so much about this room.
At least I will still have a fairly decent space to call my room.
This week I will be settling into a temporary space for the next few months.
Thanks for visiting and letting me take you on a tour of my classroom
(probably one of the best in the land)!
Tomorrow is another Rose Blossom blog hop!
Ya'll come back now.

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Audrey Pettit said...

Gorgeous spread, Lynn! I love the colors you used and love the grid design of the photos. This reminds me of a primary color palette, with a slight twist. So perfect for your school room theme. Speaking of which, I am very sorry to hear that you are losing this wonderful room.... but hope the renovations are really lovely in the end. Too bad they didn't wait until summer for you, though. Moving all those art supplies sounds terrible!