Friday, July 15, 2016

Rose Blossom Blog Hop

It is time for the mid-month 
Rose Blossom Blog Hop.
This month we are featuring the 
line of products.
The hop starts at our leader
Brenda's beautiful blog
You can find the complete list there or you can just follow
along the links along the way!
I am sure it will be magical!
For a magical project I thought I would try a new card fold design that is pretty magical.
It is a Gatefold Shutter card.
You can search that in Pinterest and find all kinds of tutorials.
Here is my card...
and opened slightly...
and here is the where the magic happens...

When you open it all the way,
the sentiment appears!
It's really fun!
Now for some more magical inspiration,
please head on over to my friend
I am sure you will be magically inspired!
Thanks for the visit.


Brenda said...

A gatefold that is truly magical!! This card is pure fun, Lynn!!

Margot D said...

I've never heard of a shutter card. How fun and your execution is fantastic! I want to give this a try!

Morgan Vogt said...

Well of course you have to have a little magic with your Magical card. ;) Very cool.

Karen Pedersen said...

Wow! Not only is it beautiful, but the magic blew my mind!

Kristine Porter said...

What a neat card!! I've got to figure that out and give it a try!! Thanks for the inspiration!

Mary Newman said...

This is just amazing and Magical! Love the outside of the card and your little touch of lines around the castle. The inside is so your work Lynn!

Audrey Pettit said...

Oh, what a cool card! I have seen gatefold cards, but never a gatefold shutter card! What a super fun surprise when you open the card. Love it!