Sunday, January 21, 2018

Scrappy Sunday

Welcome to another Scrappy Saturday  Sunday.
I am a day late.
Seems I caught round two of the crud that is going around school.
Feeling much better today.
When I saw this layout created by my team-mate Mary Newman, I asked her if I could lift it.
I love the way she created that striped/floral background in the center.
I found these pics from a couple of years ago and thought they would fit right in with the colors.
This was my birthday weekend and just happened to be the Paper Arts Festival weekend in Indy.  My DH indulged me in a little getaway.
I am excited because we are doing the same thing this year.  The last two years we went to Detroit to the CTMH Spring Launch event but they will not have one this year so we will head to Indy. 
It happens to be the weekend that kicks off our Spring break, yay.
It is always fun to see what other companies are doing and what new trends are.

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Audrey Pettit said...

This design is gorgeous, omword! I am so drawn towards this beautiful collection. And I love everything you have done with it! Wow!