Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Free To Be Me

Here is a fun design for a card.
I was inspired by this project on Katy's blog.

I started with an A2 size Kraft envelope.
 I see they are all sold out but you can get the 5 x 7 size  HERE.
Ten envelopes for $1.50!!! And they are Kraft, hello...doesn't get much better than that!
First I sealed the envelope and then cut in half (you can see the cut down the middle).
Then I covered the front only with the strip of
feather vellum (swoon!) and the embossed cardstock matching them up.
The flower was cut with the embossed cardstock and vellum.
The vellum cuts fine on the Cricut, you just have to be careful when removing it.
I used the "F" key, Accent 3, shift from Artiste.
Then I used a small circle punch to create the notch in the envelope.

The inside is a plain flat card that has been stamped and decorated.
And here it is all together.
A special "Happy Birthday" shout out to my card-making buddy Angie!
Isn't this paper cute with Kraft?
Well, what paper isn't, lol?
Seriously, go grab some for only $5, you will love it!


Morgan Vogt said...

This card is so adorable! I love the card design and how you used FTBM to really give it a pop of color. Love that flower!

Catherine Arbuckle said...


Audrey Pettit said...

Another super creative card idea! How very fun this is!

Katy said...

LOVE it!!! Your inside card is TOOOO CUTE!