Monday, December 3, 2012

12 Days of Christmas, Day 3

Do you make your own Christmas cards?
There's still time if you do.
Here are a few quick and easy cards for your
card-making inspiration.

All supplies Close To My Heart:
Kraft CS base, Pear & Partridge Paper Pack,
Art Philosophy Cricut Cartridge & coordinating stamps
Inks: Ruby, Topiary, and Cashmere for distressing
Sparkle and Natural Hemp

Inks and papers: same as above
ribbon from the Pear & Partridge Card WOTG
This "Merry & Bright" stamp set, along with the embellishment kit below,
will be my prize for our
Kraft-y Hearts Blog Share.
Just leave a comment on any of the posts from Dec 1-12 for a chance to win!

Now hop on over to the beautiful 
crafty friend Kim.


Audrey Pettit said...

Fabulous cards, Lynn, and I love that they are "mailable", too!

Kim said...

Lovely as usual, Lynn!

Life in the Heavrin house said...

I love your cards, Lynn! The flower with the tree...I hadn't thought of that, but they look great together!

Anonymous said...

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Karen Letchworth said...

Hi Lynn! I just love your sweet cards, and SO enjoyed browsing through your lovely blog. I just became your newest follower, and noticed that you are not following me (although I greatly appreciated your visit and comment today). I hope that you will stop back by and also become my follwer!

Thanks for this fun share! I will tell my bloggy friends to stop by. Have a very blessed week!
Karen L
I LOVE FOLLOWERS! How about you?

Brenda said...

Oh Lynn, how cute!

Marg Van Patten said...

Lovely cards ... loving that P&P paper too!

Anonymous said...

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